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Missing ext files
Hello, I have recently installed a TF2 dedicated server, and I've got it all set up with all the plugins I want. However, the first time running the server my antivirus said that the dbi sqlite ext dll file was a virus. Being very protective of my computer, I removed it. However, now it is giving off errors in the console saying that file is missing Sad How can I replace it? Here is some info about my computer:
Server OS: Windows 8.1 Preview 64 bit
Processor: Intel® Pentium® CPU 2117U, 2 cores, I think, and 1.8GHz. It is not hyperthreaded.
Ram: 4.00GB
Game(s): srcds for TF2
Start Up Command:
"srcds.exe" -console -game tf +ip -port 27014 +maxplayers 24 +map Koth_crag
Admin Mods: Sourcemod and MetaMod: Source
EDIT: I looked over a quick tut on how to recover things deleted by my antivirus program, but I want to be assured on one thing... Is it really a virus or did my antivirus program mess up?

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