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Gmod server tf2 props?
on my gmod server i cant spawn tf2 props or rag dolls anyone willing to help?
Oh Yeah i had this issue. Its some sort of mounting issue i think but i fixed it by downloading sourcefilm maker because it has all the tf2 items in it where as the tf2 you have on steam makes it not possible to access the files like hats and what you want to do is goto your gmod servers addon folder then make a new folder called TF2 Content Addon. then you want to goto you steamapps folder inside of common or you games folder where ever you see sourcefilmaker then open it untill you see a folder called tf. open that then copy and paste all these files to tf2 content addon folder you made in you gmod severs addons

then make a txt file called addon and inside say

"name" "Team Fortress 2 content Addon"
"version" "1.0"
"up_date" ""
"author_name" ""
"author_email" ""
"author_url" ""
"info" "Team Fortress 2 : Source content for those who don't have it (or for people for who it wont mount for srcds"
"override" "0"

paste that exactly and then resart your server attempt to spawn a tf2 prop and it will work.

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