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update tf2 server
hi, new member, hope i got the right forum Big Grin

ive managed to get a tf2 server runing on clan vps, i went to start it other day and when i joined i get message server is now runing older version, ive tryed adding the line

tf2/srcds_run -game tf +sv_pure 1 +map ctf_sawmill.bsp +maxplayers 16 -autoupdate -steam_dir ~/tf2/gs/steamcmd -steamcmd_script ~/tf2/gs/tf2_ds.txt

in putty it says update qued, need to retstart but everytime i restart the update doesnt run, the qued message just repeats.

am a newbie to all this so bare with me, any helps appreciated, cheers

edit:vps is runing ubuntu 12.04 lts
Try updating the server manually with steamcmd then turn the server back on. I assume you are using some form of plugin for the autoupdate.

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