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Can't connect to my server (Ping error ?)
Hi there
(Excuse my english, I'm french)
So here is my problem. One month ago, I decided to run a dedicated server on my PC. I followed a french tutorial and everything worked well.
But three weeks ago approximatively, the server stopped working. When I try to connect, I get a message in french (so I can't have the exact one in english) on the "Connecting to server" status on the bar which is saying "Impossible to find and connect to a sastifying dedicated server. Try to increase your Acceptable Max Ping in Matchmaking in Options > Game parameters" and retry.

I have noted that if I put the sv_lan to 1, I can connect, but if I disconnect, reset the variable to 0 and reconnect, I can't connect anymore.

Any ideas ? And I would like to know what are the differences between sv_lan 1 and sv_lan 0 because I didn't totally understand.

Well, let me see if i can explain something to you (im brazilian)
My internal ip is and external ip something like (this change from time to time)

With sv_lan 1 i can conect using, with sv_lan 0 i cant.
Same with sv_lan 0, i can connect using 189.34.24...... and with 1 i cant..

Try to put sv_lan 0 and connect via external ip.
OK I will do that and say you if it works.
OK. So I tried this.
I put the sv_lan to 0 and so I tried to connect via my local IP ( It appears in LAN part of the server finding window, and I can add it to my favorites (it works also with And I can connect (even if sv_lan = 0 !).
After, I try to connect with my real IP (currently, but there I can't add it to my favorites (when I add, the adding window closes without doing anything).
I don't understand : I shouldn't be able to connect with my local IP with sv_lan 0 (if what you say is true) but I can, and I can't with my public one !
Could you try connecting to my server when it will be Online ?
Thank you

PS : My ping problem mysteriously diseappeared... I don't know what to think.
Put your ip there, and the server port, this will "tell you" if you have port forwarding problems..
i dont know what game your are talking about.. =)

It says it can't reach my computer (Port 27015 is closed on but if I try with PorfForward PortChecker it says it works...
Is that a program?
I think this only looks up computer settings, and not router settings.

PorChecker works on my server fine
"Port 27015 is open on"

Maybe you need to configure your router settings
No, I saw "connecting to PortForward servers" when I used it

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