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Issues with fast download and textures
I got fast download set up on my srdcs CS:S server. Working well for the most part, but I am having issues with materials not downloading.

The maps have .res files, I have the .res files on both the http and game server, but they are still not downloading. When my client connects to the server, the client tries to download both .vmt and .vmt.bz2 files for each texture.
The issue is only with bestbuy-mds and mcdonalds-mds.

E: Change the name of the materials directory from "Bestbuy-mds" or "McDonalds-mds" to all lower case. For Bestbuy-mds, you also have to rename several textures to lowercase. There are still two textures I'm having issues with...

Last two textures were corrupted.

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