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Custom skins of a map not working on a server
Hi all! I have a question/problem: recently I maked a map, with my own textures to 'Terrorists' & 'Counter-Terrorists' spawn-textures. If Im testing the map on Signleplayers, it's working, but if I want to test the map with my bro & friends, noOne can see the textures, including me. I've used textures from: 'materials/MOCOLONI/textures/red.vtf' (.vmt included) & 'materials/MOCOLONI/' (.vmt included).

I've moved this textures to the server's "materials" file, but still not working/downloading.

Do I need to add another file or something to download that skins? thx.

PS: I heard about somefiles like "mapname.res", & there's the directories of the skins to download, how I do this? thx!!

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