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Server not changing to workshop maps
Hi everybody

I host several CS:GO servers, but after the recent update the servers suddently won't change to workshop maps.
Thing is, it have been working since day 1, and not it just don't. I've tried basically everything.

Even a total clean install, with fresh mapinstallations, and it still won't change. Not with rcon map dust2_se and not with changelevel dust2_se

i5 2500
Windows Server 2008 R2

I hope somebody has the solution to this irritating problem :-)

Ps, the maps have been installed with the command rcon host_workshop_map or collection.

[Image: 76561197995911179.png]
Have the same problem ...
Want to launch a server with a +host_workshop_collection, and a +workshop_start_map, like advised in tutorials, but my server is launched with the default map de_dust.

The problem is, I have managed to set a dedicated server after the update, so I don't know if it is because of it, or if my setup is wrong.

Please help !

Same problem.Anyone help me.

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