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tf2.bat Problem
When i run tf.bat to start my server, it loads up everything, but then it stops on "tf_server_identity_account_id not set; not logging into registered account"

i donno if it means something, but when i go on tf2 lobby, and type my server name and map, the server won't show up! when i add my server to favorites, it still won't show up! when i type in console "connect (my server ip) it says "Connection failed after 4 retries"

i have the same problem
Please paste what comes up in the console.
That error has nothing to do with not being able to connect to the server. That error is saying that your server has not logged into a game server account and therefore will not be applicable for the quickplay feature. The problem is most likely that you didn't forward your ports, or you have sv_lan set to 1. Could you please post your server CFG and startup line and any other errors that show up?

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