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Fast Download Project
Fast Download Project

Fast download Project is small project that offers service called "fast download" that is used by source and hl1 servers to boost their server connection speed.
This Project is made for server owners who want to boost up theirs server popularity and player base, because no one wants to wait 10 minutes to get on your server.

I think there is no need to tell you what fast download is, you all already know by now.

Why would you consider fast download project for your fastdl solution?
  • Because its fast, download speeds are up to 1024KB/s (1MB/s)
  • Because its cheap, plans from $2 / month ($1 / month for CS1.6)
  • Because its simple, after simple registration, you can just order, pay via paypal, and enjoy in our services


Easy to use file manager
- Use file manager to upload your maps, models etc, make new folders, and delete any files.

Fastdl status
- Fastdl overview page, check up on your fast download status.

Changeable fastdl url
- At any time you can change your fastdl url, so you can protect your fastdl.
- Make sure that no one else use your fastdl, they can use up your bandwidth.

- You can contact support any time you want.

If you are interested visit:
still in beta

Thank you.

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