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srcds performance
I've been doing a few tests before I launch some CS:GO servers. I am doing some research in the performance/bandwidth/tickrate/memory/cpu area.

I need to know what kind of machine I need to deploy like 50 servers, some with 20-32players and max tick 66, and most with 12 players and tickrate 128

I don't know if there are any studies out there, so here is what I could find so far:

Tried on Windows Server 2012 Base x64.

  1. Every instance of SRCDS requires ~200mb/ram. Doesn't matter if the server is full populated or empty.
  2. I couldn't fit 32 bots in a tickrate 128 server, even tho I had more CPU and memory available. I could fit 21 bots + myself before I had a drop
  3. I used 60% of CPU with 32bots in a 66tickrate server on a Xeon E5-2650 2 CPU's.
  4. Linux seems to have a lower latency (about 5ms, 13ms on linux, 18ms on windows) than windows. Although Linux seems to use 15% more resources than Windows. Is there a reason why?

I wish I knew I little more about hardware and performance, If anyone have knowledge in this area, I'd be glad to hear from you. Well, probably not only me Smile

Thank you guys

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