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HLDSUpdateTool not working.
Hey guys, I'm running into some problems with the update tool. Sorry if I'm coming off as nooby with my questions, but I've done this before and as of recently its not working.

I'm trying to host a Garry's Mod TTT server, so I need Garry's Mod and CS:S in my c:\srcds.
I run HLDSUpdateTool and get the bootstrapper version or whatever, and then i run -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir c:\srcds, or whatever the command is, I get it right from the SRCDS website. It pops up briefly and then goes away, without installing anything. It also does the same for Garry's Mod. Ever since Gmod updated awhile ago I haven't been able to do anything, so I rebuilt my computer recently and figured I would give it another shot, and still nothing. Any help? Thanks in advance guys.
Update, Garry's Mod works, just need to figure out CSS.. Any help would be great.
use SteamCmd

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