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CSGO server_is_unavailable
Somehow this came up on one of my competive servers and didn't have any idea what this means. I shortly started using workshop maps on this server but this came up just today.
I've never experienced anything like this and been hosting since csgo beta..

so now when anyone tries to connect to the server it only says that
"retrying public ( etc.

but on server console it says:
Server running with server_is_unavailable, ignoring challenge from

and nobody cant connect because of that.

server startup command: srcds.exe -game csgo -console -usercon -game_type 0 -game_mode 1 +host_workshop_collection xxxxxxxxxxx +map workshop/xxxxxxxxxx/de_dust2_se -authkey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -secure -tickrate 128

Tested changing between different startup commands and starting workshop maps from config files but always same results.
Tried also reinstalling everything.

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