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CS:GO - How to add plugins (GunGame)

I'm currently trying to host my own server on Counter Strike Global Offensive, but I'm having a hard time. This is what I've got so far. I have downloaded the SteamCMD, added cs:go dedicated server and portforwarded, and tested it from local connection and from outside our network. It works like a charm, but it's still a totally basic server setup. I have a list of things i would like to add, but i've tried for 3 hours now, and nothing seems to work. It's suppose to be a GunGame server, and here is a list of things i would like to add to the server.

[DONE] 1) Custom motd
2) Ingame admin commands? Change map, kick/ban player etc.
3) Ingame player commands? rtv etc.
4) All new custom sounds! Join/welcome sound, weapons & Level up/down etc.
5) Custom player and admin skins? I don't even know if this is possible.

My main problem is that i don't know where to place anything, so i can't follow many of the installation guides. I've tried added custom sounds all day, but how do i tell the player client to download the files from the sounds folder, and use them instead of the standard sounds?? When i join a random server, it usually says: "Downloading sound/gungame/..." etc. but mine don't write anything when i place the files in the sound folder?

I don't know. I really need some serious help! Feel free to add me on
steam: Snow_fight
or contact me here or on my email:

Thank you very much!Smile


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