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ULX Menu Broken?
Ok, so I created a server with the ulx/ulib admin mod and it works.
However, when I pull up the menu, the cmds don't show and I can't access the groups tab. I did set myself superadmin using:
ulx adduser asdPlayer2 superadmin
But it doesn't show the groups tab on the menu. I don't know where the
garrysmod/data/ulib/groups.txt is located, can anyone give me a video guide or pictures? Also, the commands still work fine, but I need an easier way of accessing group abilities.

[Image: 2h88z7s.jpg]
These two pics are proof that I put myself superadmin.
[Image: 14dj155.jpg]
[Image: 2vjwxok.jpg]
This shows the ulx menu. I don't have the "groups" tab for "bans".
[Image: qydfgl.jpg]
I cannot do votemaps or vote gamemodes either.
[Image: rhlk5x.jpg]
I can't set server sbox settings either.

Also, here are pics of my file directories, I can't find the
garrysmod/data/ulib/groups.txt folder in which I cannot fix this.
[Image: 2ue649z.jpg]
[Image: 2a5ds9.jpg]

Admin Mod: ULX
Game: Garry's Mod
Server Type: Dedicated (listen)
Directory of ulx/ulib: Server Root
Server Starter: start.bat
Gamemode: Sandbox
Any edits?: I edited the motd, gimps, and I changed the
gamemode to DarkRP, but then it ruined all my ranks and menu specs.

Please reply if you need more information about something... this is
my first post.
I am having the same problem, and i use srcds console to give me superadmin, and when i do that, my name has a sheild and is gold (deathrun server) but yet i have NO powers. And not only that, but everytime i change maps, it takes away my super admin... Although i dont have deathrun a default, and i'm trying to get it to default, maybe that has something to do with it. My friend gave me a command to give me back powers, but i forgot it, and he is asleep, but if i can get it to you, it may help. Btw the 2nd picture doesnt proove what you're trying to say, because you dont have a map selected...

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