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Bsp to Bz2
I recently got a webhost, and got all my maps, models and materials into the server. Well, all models etc is taking a few seconds to download, so i suggest its working. But the maps is still getting downloaded from my server. So i guess the maps isn't "loaded" from the webhost, but my own internet.
I did a little google'ing, and i found out that the maps should be in bz2 formats instead of bsp (or both bz2 and bsp).
But how the heck do i change it? I don't have any bz2 files already, so there must be a compressor or something.

Please help
Okay a little forward now.
I have those on the fast download server:
still not fast downloading. What the heck man
And they're both on fast dl, and the server. Both places. Both

i only did it with mg_fred_v4
okay hmm.. now its downloading from the fastdl... but still missing maps..

sv_downloadurl ""
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1

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