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Cant open game while SRCDS is running.

I got a problem, when im runing my server, i cant open the game, i cant close my steam, and the friends stats stuck in "Playing Left 4 Dead 2"
Looks like the steam thinks the srcds is the game client.

Is there a way to "unlink" both?
Tired to killing Steam process just to play, or even open the game.

Note: Steam and the server runs in different folder, in fact the server runs from another drive.
I suggest using something like Sandboxie to launch your game server OR your actual game you plan on playing. It's the only solution i can think of. Yes, Sandboxie is free if you want to use 1 instance of a box "sort of like a virtual machine but only for launching things". Google it Wink
Already downloaded, im testing it, at least i opened the server with no change in my status.
i give a feed back after some more testing.

Edit: Worked fine.. thanks man!

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