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MasterRequestRestart Garry's Mod server
I've had ONE server for now and I switched computers and there has been major updates with Garry's Mod and I've been getting an error saying
"Your server is out of date. Please update and restart."
The solutions I've tried are
Running the batch file as administrator(had to switch to the actual directory)

Reinstalling SRCDS and Garry's Mod(in the srcds)

Adding "-verify_all" to the end of the updater shortcut.

I need to ask if "srcds.exe" should be 170KB because every time I launch the updater it says
"Stale: srcds.exe"
Screenshots will be attached!

.png   Capture.PNG (Size: 32.42 KB / Downloads: 5)

.png   Capture1.PNG (Size: 26.87 KB / Downloads: 2)

.png   Capture2.PNG (Size: 2.02 KB / Downloads: 0)

.png   Capture3.PNG (Size: 3.7 KB / Downloads: 0)
Are you using Hldsupdatetool or steamcmd to update Garrysmod? If you're not using SteamCMD then you need to be using it.
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