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[Tutorial]How to access SSH on your Linux server with Putty.
By default Linux servers come with SSH enabled and is the primary method of configuring any remote Linux server. This tutorial explains how to download, install, and configure a basic SSH client for connecting to a Linux server. In this tutorial we will be using Putty.

Step 1. Download and Install Putty
Download Putty from:
Below you will see the highlighted putty.exe download that you will need. After you have downloaded you will simply need to put the Putty.exe somewhere useful and just run it. There is no installer or extraction needed. Putty.exe is a stand alone file.

[Image: puttytut1.png]

Step 2: Configure Putty
Simply input the IP or hostname provided. By default the port is 22. This port number would differ if you have changed the SSH configuration on your server. For now you will not need your username and password. Once this step is complete click on "Open" at the bottom to open an SSH connection to your Linux server.

[Image: puttytut2.png]

Step 3. Logging into your Linux server via SSH connection.
Depending on the configuration of the SSH service on your server you may or may not be prompted with a PuTTY security alert. If you are then you can simply click Yes to accept it.

[Image: puttytut3.png]

Once you have accepted the prompt then you can continue to authenticate your SSH session by logging into the server. By default the admin username is "root" and your password will vary. It is important to change your password once you have logged in for the first time. If you have trouble connecting then double check that you're connecting to the right server, and that your password is correct.

[Image: puttytut4.png]

Now you should be connected to your server via SSH.
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