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RCON not working?
I recently made a TF2 server, and I originally hosted on windows do, but I recently installed Ubuntu desktop and ever since I installed Ubuntu, the RCON feature has never worked since. I am not sure if I changed something in the startup script, or if I did something different in the config, but when I try to use RCON it says couldn't connect to remote host ( Can someone please help me out? I have a competitive match I'm supposed to be hosting soon.
have you been banned.? have alook in CFG for banned_ip.cfg and banned_user.cfg see if your in there if so remove it may need to restart the server as well..
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Make sure your rcon_password is set in the server.cfg and that the TCP port 27015 is forwarded / opened for connections from your PC to the server.
what i guess this is not about a wrong password possibly .. there is something else which I'm studying to look for to sort it out well ..

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