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The Ship Dedicated server issues
Server OS: Windows server 2008 SP2
Processors: 2 x Dual Core Intel Xeon 3.0GHz (Not sure on exact model) 4 Cores total, hyperthread - 8 threads.
Ram: 16GB
Game(s): The Ship
Start Up Command: start /wait C:\ship\server\srcds.exe -game ship +maxplayers 16 +map connemara -port 27016 -console
Admin Mods: N/A

Command: C:\ship\steamcmd_win32\steamcmd.exe +login <login details with ship in library> +force_install_dir C:\ship\server +app_update 2403 validate +quit


Bandwidth: 80Mb/s DL, 10Mb/s UL
Router: Windows server 2008 with DHCP,NAT and DNS roles
Local IP of Server:
External IP:

Network: [VM Server] --> [NAT server] --> (Whatever is in place in my datacentre) --> [Internet]

The problem I'm experiencing with my SRCDS server is that, upon boot i get an error message ('Could not establish connection to Steam servers'), I can connect to the server, but VAC is not enabled and the server doesnt show up in the public server list, assuming this is the problem.
The server is in a colocation facility.

Any advice would be great, been trying to fix this for days.

EDIT: There's also a GMod server running on the same internal network, but even when that's off and/or the ship server receives identical port config and forwarding it still doesn't work. I've ran multiple Netstats and opened/forwarded any ports listed. Still didn't fix the problem.
Screenshot of your port forwarding?
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(06-21-2013, 06:15 AM)loopyman Wrote:  Screenshot of your port forwarding?

I wiped the port forwarding tables, but either way its done through a NAT server. i dont know how to screenshot the mappings on a NAT server. at the minute i only have port 27016 open on the firewalls and forwarded.
I've gone through the post here you have posted but unable to sort it out after trying a lot .. have checked for the same over the web and got some clue in this regard but unfortunately they didn't work for me as well .. now in with the discussion to my mentor for some apt suggestion from him to end it well ..
Does anyone know the IP for the servers its trying to communicate with? ill see if i can ping them. From both the tgmod machine and the ship machine. might be some weird network bug somewhere.

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