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SCDS Runner [ Dedicated Server Feature ]
Here is my old post requesting my program to be uploaded without any complications with a 3d party plugin. And since there's been no answer or opinions regarding these matters i'll just share and post my plugin here.

I'll just quote my previous post.

Quote:From time to time i've been bothering with SRCDS crashing after having numerous addons such as WCS: Source, Mani etc. So i've though of using some kind of application or program that restarts my client efter a crash. So i decided to create my own "CMD" or console to handle the SRCDS client. I've added some other useful features for the SRCDS but primarly i created it for the purpose of autostarting.

Type help in the console to bring up standard commands.

For those who are afriad for a virus scam [Test]


There may be some bugs in the client since it has been for personal use only, feel free to report any bug that seems useful to fix.

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