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TF2 Server stuck on LAN?
My friends can't manage to join my dedicated server, and I could only join with a local IP.

hostname "ClintonM0's Server|Private"

sv_region 5
sv_lan 0
sv_pure 0

log on
sv_logfile 1

tf_server_identity_account_id --HIDDEN--
tf_server_identity_token --HIDDEN--
srcds.exe -console -game tf -port 27015 +maxplayers 24 +map plr_hightower
(06-05-2013, 05:45 PM)ClintonM0 Wrote:  run.bat:
srcds.exe -console -game tf -port 27015 +maxplayers 24 +map plr_hightower

try forcing the server to run with the public IP?

use the +ip Your.IP.Here.Please
thanks for your suggestion here as i just come over the forum area in want of have some clue to my similar trouble .. just a matter of its application in my case will prove how well i've got it..
is the code is working for anyone else as i've tried it out but not running successfully .. what to do now.. is there some more help please..
stfu spammer. Be more vague in your posts in random threads... Oh and try to not repeat the same exact phrases again. Lucky for you none of the admins ever come to these forums anymore to ban your sorry ass. For an IT Tech from Ohio your Google translate sure does suck...

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