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Cant get sourcemod to work
Server OS: windows xp
Game(s): css
Start Up Command:
Admin Mods: Sourcemod and metamod

Tried installing both since yesterday.
Meta commands work, if i use meta list it shows no plugins loaded.
i load SM manually with "Meta load addons/sourcemod/bin/sourcemod_mm" in the server cmd. it replies with "Plugin "Sourcemod" loaded with id 1.

i try and use sm commands, does not work (Not even if i log into rcon and try it that way)

I use the command "Meta cmds 1" and it replies:
"Console commands for SourceMod:" And it does not show anything else. I have downloaded the latest versions, Metamod 1.9.2 and sourcemod 1.5.0.

Not really sure how i should go now since ive tried googling for answers for a while now.
Anything you know that could help me? Smile
This question might be better suited on the Allied Modders forum:
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