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Tf2 server determining which depot(s) to install/update
So I recently made a Gmod server and it works perfectly. I try to make a tf2 server in a different directory but it isn't working. I update the dedicated server and it says

Checking bootsrapper version...
Updating Installation
Determining which depot(s) to install/update...

Then it appears to flash a big list of games and the cmd quits out quickly after so I can't read it or take a screenshot fast enough.

I was wondering if it was an issue because I already have a gmod server installed but it is in a different directory. Gmod dedicated server installed just fine so this is curious. Any help would be much appreciated.
Are you using steamcmd ?
(06-03-2013, 07:53 AM)SuzmA Wrote:  Are you using steamcmd ?

I tried it and that failed as well. What are the instructions?

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