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SteamCMD Question
Despite trying to contact help with the public chat in the steam group and trying to bypass the waiting process of a forum... here I am.

I have a dedicated server and have been using SRCDS forever. I need to update in my tf2 dedicated server. I have SteamCMD downloaded but I don't understand what to put my directory as. The install is located at F:\HLserver\orangebox\tf. Now obviously with SRCDS it was just F:\HLserver and it worked fine. I've tried that and it seems to be downloading a HUGE update. Maybe I'm a bit skeptical but I let this go for about 15 minutes and it was still only 10% done. It seems to be re-downloading the entire server files. I just need to update it. What do I use for the directory?
Fuck it I'll just redownload the damn game. Thread can be closed, thanks for the assistance.


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