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Garry's Mod Server missing files
So I am missing some files for my garry's mod private server that i want to run for my friend I only have installed wiremod & advanced duplicator.
And I am also trying to set it up so it becomes DarkRP but, it won't start the DarkRP gamemode itself, i put it in the defaultgamemode thingy as it said on the forum post i read. Maybe it is wrong.
Server OS: Win 7 64bit
Ram: 8GB
Game(s): Garry's mod
Start Up Command:
@echo off
cd c:\srcds/orangebox
echo Starting game server.
echo Beginning "Garry's Mod"
srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map rp_downtown_v2 +maxplayers 10 +sv_defaultgamemode "DarkRP" +ip
echo "Garry's Mod" has now started.
echo It is recommended that you start Server Crash Recovery aswell.
Admin Mods: None
console says i'm missing alot of files
//then txt files missing everyone in same folder named: scripts.
//npc......... theres alot of them...
//then in scripts folder again
level_sounds, level_voices, game_sounds,
workthreadpool.cpp (621) : Assertion Failed: Work Item for Work Pool CNet Enctypt complete but job no longer existed to notify
Assert( Assertion Failed: Work Item for Work Pool CNet Encrypt complete but job no longer existed to notify ):workthreadpool.cpp:621

//then this weird thing...
Failed to load $include VMT file (//some weird symbols//rials/DE_PIRANESI/MARBLEFLOOR01.vmt,
//every theese start with weird symbols and that stuff, and they also spamm more than 2 times each.
//Bit of a huge spam it says
SOLID_VPHYSICS static prop with no vphysics model! (models/props/cs_assault/bill1.mdl)
same again for (models/props_lab/corkboard001.mdl),

Attempted to create unknown entity type info_ladder! x4 times
Can't init info_ladder x4 times

ERROR!: Can't create physics object for models/props/cs_militia/barstool01.mdl //x5 times
//models/props folder is also not existing
ERROR!: Can't create physics object for models/props/cs_office/phone.mdl //x2 times
Maybe i could get the folders models & scripts and maybe rest i'm missing, and what is a recomended admin mod for garry's mod?
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