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Having server problems please reply with anything
i am using the following : ASSMOD , ULX : DarkRP

In my DarkRP users can physgun me and i am the owner - Not fixed

I get a popup message saying : "Counter Strike: Source is incorrectly
installed! You need it for DarkRP to work!" but i put in when in console c:\srcds "hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir ." and it dosnt work i dont even get a file - this is not fixed

i cant pickup money - not fixed

when i choose to be the gun dealer and i try to spawn a pistol it says "/buy is disabled" - not fixed

I think this is all the problem i am getting please reply with any solution fixes with anything

hldsupdate tool does not work anymore you will need to use steamcmd to update.
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i have it but how do i update it with steamcmd

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