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Server lagg a.k.a Can I run a server?
Hi, I'm using SteamCMD on linux, and when there's +/- 20 players on my server it really starts to lagg, anyone knows why this is?

System used for the server specs:

RAM: 4gb
Processor: Intel 2.83GHz x 4
Hard Disk Space: 1tb (non-ssd)

This should be enough to run a couple of servers right? Also this PC is only being used for running servers. Here is my result:

Ping: 16ms
Download Speed: 115.58 Mbps
Upload Speed: 9.70 Mbps

I have 3 servers running here, but when I close the other two it still laggs. Please help!


Server start command:
./srcds_run -console -game cstrike -port 27015 +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 22 +tv_enable 1
you have got a fair result out of your servers .. I'm too getting the outputs of the server sped somewhat closer to you ...but not exactly ...
Upload will only support 20-34 connections based on my dedicated usage when I have about that many clients depends on the game type you are running.
Try reducing your maxplayers, Also factor in sourcetv will use bandwidth, try disabling it or lower the maxplayers.

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