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Can't update tf2 server
Hey, I'm having trouble trying to update my team fortress 2 server.

srcds.exe location:

HldsUpdateTool.exe location:

In the HLServer folder I have some .bat files that I run:

orangebox\srcds.exe -insecure -console -game tf -ip **** +map cp_egypt_final +maxplayers 32

HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game tf -dir "c:\hlserver" -verify_all -retry

call update.bat
call tf2.bat

When I run the update_and_run.bat, I get all the updates (with the time marks in the command prompt). But at the end it says "MasterRequestRestart Your server is out of date. Please update and restart." I've done as many sanity checks as I can think of, but nothing.

I've updated many times in the past without this problem, so I'm at a loss. What do I need to do? I'm sure it's probably something stupid and easy, but I don't know what.

Thanks! Smile
Wazzzzzzzzup Meh Mate.
CodeReaper here, just looking at your post and realized you have the same problem I do, blah blah blah made an account to reply.
So pretty much the problem is that the game directory for the game Team Fortress 2 is not "tf" anymore. Now I have no idea what it is, but I am guessing and checking with the list of things that I found.
What I did to figure this out was instead out using a ".bat" file, I ran the command right in cmd prompt. I ending up getting an error asking for what game to update. I looked at the list and "tf" wasn't even there.
I am trying "orangebox" right now, which was one of the ones I found.
Odds are from the parts its downloading, orangebox isn't the one. But I have to start somewhere.
I think it is ridiculous that they changed the directory name. It was working before. What was the point?
Yeah, SRCDS sounds like it's done. Outdated, "underused". They are forcing us to use a new format called SteamCMD.
Here's The Link, I am trying it now:
thanks for your link here as it's quite informative and i've got a great support through it .. looking forward for an apt solution out of it to get me sorted with my trouble..

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