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Steamcmd: How to make it public server?
Hi, I just finished installing steamcmd for css. I can't get a public server working, but it works for lan. I tried sv_lan 0 and it still wouldn't work. I have both network: IP and Public IP. Steam cannot find the server using the Public IP, but it works with network IP. How do I get my server working so others can join?

I use windows btw
nm got it working
Mine isnt working now what did you do?
Wow, Daniel you seem to have a matching problem for every thread posted in the last week. Luckily you're obviously here to help or get help from people and not post generalized statements with absolutely no specifics regarding the original post... Meanwhile I am told you're not a spammer... Anywho...

Anzotic, Please open a new thread with the information from the read me thread from:
for best results.
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