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CreateFragmentsFromFile: 'user_custom/xxxxxxx.dat' doesn't exist. Any Fix?
Hello everybody,
I have this problem with most of my Servers.
It causes lag spikes on my Servers with that message. I had this problem before on my TF2 Server but I disabled sprays on it so it didn't happen again.
Now for my CS:S Server(ZE) I don't want to disable Sprays so I need sv_allowdownload and sv_allowupload set to 1.
The lag happens when a Player joins the Game I believe.
I tried deleting my downloads folder in cstrike\ but that didn't help(Also restarted the Server).
I tried using this Extension:

But that only made it not show up in the Console(Still lags).
It's been happening to all my Servers(Windows and Linux) ever since the SteamPipe update(It happened to one of my TF2 Servers before that but like I said I disabled sprays).

I tried searching all over for a fix but no luck. Like I said before, I don't want to disable sprays.

I can't really list Plugins since it seems to happen on all my Servers with different Plugins and Sourcemod & Metamod Versions.

Only Plugins that all the Servers have in common: HlstatsX and SourceBans.

I hope I can eventually fix this problem.

After a while with no replies I just decided to disable sprays(sv_allowdownload and sv_allowupload set to 0 and sv_downloadurl set for other custom files).
It did work and there is no more lag on the Server. I guess people just have to deal with it.

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