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i wanna open 10 CounterStrike Source Servers.

but i dont know what kind of pc i need.
l'm planning to buy 3 Computers , each computer i will open 3 puplic servers
but theos all computers contected to 100GB internet speed.

Each pc will have :
intel® core™ i5-2400 cpu @ 3.10ghz
RAM : DDR3 2x8GB
HDD : 100 GB
whats ur opinion? its good or bad ? and what kind of pc i need to run puplic CS:S server.

and pleas tell me what kind of proseser, ram and motherboard i need to open 5servers in one pc and thanks u for ur timeSadSadSad
Without beeing an expert an the aera, i think you can run one srcds pr core.

That will give you 4 SRCDS servers pr machine.

so for 3, it will be a total of 12 - i might think they can run more, but i am not sure in anyway, about this - it is just a guess.
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u dont need that many servers! if u want anything good do 4 css and 4 tf2!
I think it will be okay, i have an i3-3220.
And I do not see the server use more than 10% of my cpu speed. (an l4d2 server, pretty heavy, modded, etc.)

I constantly open 2 servers and I see no problem with cpu/memory usage.
As Brian123 said it would be able to handle around 8 servers providing I would saying max capacity about 24-32 slots or less for each server. Each SCRDS uses around 250-450 mb per session.
The overall specs is more then enough to run 3 servers on one computer.

You should get gen 4 i5 instead of gen 2. It has a much higher single core performance vs the older generations giving a much smoother game play. Ensure you get high mhz ram such as 1600mhz or 1866mhz that works with your cpu and motherboard. You should also plan on getting either an SSD drive or two regular harddrives in raid 0 for fast load speeds.
Also dont forget to backup your harddrives weekly incase if a drive fails on you.

The most important part is to ensure you have fast enough internet to host all of those servers. Minimum of 1mb upload for each server you plan to host.

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