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Gmod13 server port forwarding
Hello, I was wondering if my port forwarding is correct because my friend is having a trouble with connecting, saying that is says "Server not responding". I started to think it was my portforwarding being wrong. I know that people can connect because I have made other servers before (Minecraft, Quake, ect). Are these ports correct?

TCP Source port: 27005
TCP Destination port: 27015
UDP Source port: 27005
UDP Destination port: 27015
Everything is correct. If you still having problems check to see if your in "DMZ" mode.
[Image: YrZ5uQn.png]
[Image: ZmzaHAD.png]
Got it working Smile
(04-30-2013, 09:19 AM)Neilacevedo Wrote:  Got it working Smile

So what did you do to get it working? Toungue Smile

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