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How many slots?
hey guys im trying to setup a small game server company and i am mainly looking into a Xeon Quad-Core X3460 2.8GHz, 32GB RAM, 2 x 500GB SATA, RAID 1 server but im not to sure what i can expect as far as how many game servers i will be able to run on this. mainly im going to be just running steam games such as cs and tf2 maybe a few dayz servers if someone could give me a rough estimate of what you think it would be able to handle that would be awsome... thanks in advance!
you can run 12 with no np, anything more then 18 would do abit of testing
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Running TF2 will drop the amount you can host down.
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You might want to get a more powerful server as you don't know the plugins that your customers use. Some plugins take up a lot of cpu power so you might want to look at limiting CPU usage as well regardless of your cpu.

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