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Server is EXTREMELY slow changing maps since the update
Hi all,

I run a CSS server with the war3source mod on it. Since the last update (that re-arranged the filesystem) my server has been taking a long time to change maps (up to a minute). I can't see any errors in either the sourcemod or server logs related to any issues...

We do have a high speed d/l server setup, which AFAIK has been working fine. The slow map change occurs when changing to any map, stock or custom.

I'm running MM / SM, along with war3source.

Any ideas where I should look next to try to troubleshoot? Thanks in advance for any help.
It could be a plugin, this happen to me, delete my plugins and found the bugged plugin Smile
I was kinda hoping to not have to do that, since we run a fair amount of plugins. I guess that's kind of the sensible thing to try next :-S

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