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[Resolved] MasterRequestRestart after a Counter Strike's update
Hi all,

I have 7 srcds on a linux server hosted by OVH ->
All seven worked perfectly since their launch.
Since the last update of CounterStrikeSource all my servers fail to update and display the message:

### MasterRequestRestart
### Your server will be restarted on map change.
### Your server will be restarted on map change.

They are visible in the list of online servers, but the servers are unreachable because an earlier version.

I tried different ways of how to update using hldsupdatetool and steam. (and autoupdate).
Nothing happens, I am in the same situation.

I even tried to install a clean new server, the problem persists ...

Sincerely, I hope this time someone can help me ...

EDIT : I had not realized that the Counter servers now passed through Steam Pipe. The SRCDS have become obsolete. You must use SteamCMD (in anonymous). Steam said that there was nothing to do, you should never listen to them, even tecniciens of support are unnecessary.

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