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Gmod Issue!
Hello there, basically I decided to re-download my game files for one of my Garrys mod servers, problem is, it's searching for missing content and when it's about to install them, I'm getting this Error;

Connection established: handshaking
Sending login message

I have tried it several times, re-installing hldsupdatetool, re-downloading, I keep getting this error, doesn't matter how many times I try it, I personally thought it was steam having problems with their servers but seeing as I couldn't find any other threads about people having the same problem as myself, I think it's me, now I wonder if anybody of you guys know why I keep getting this error? I highly doubt that I'm doing something wrong though as it isn't the first time I'm downloading the game files.

Does it stick at that screen, or do you stop the updater as soon as you see it?
Because, if you stop the updater, it's an operator error.

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