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Logging gmod_admin_cleanup

I've been running two dedicated sandbox servers and have now expanded to three. As the number of admins I allow to tend to the servers grow, so do the accountability needs.

I would like to be able to log which admin uses the cleanup function. I currently have the whole function disabled and am forcing the admins to use (the admin addon) Evolve's cleanup method(which will actually produce a log), but I would like to bring back the built in cleanup functions and I would like it to log when it happens and who does it. Anyway to do this?

Thanks for any help.

Add the above to your ev_plugins folder. It should work as how framework is called hasn't changed to my knowledge.
[Image: YrZ5uQn.png]
[Image: ZmzaHAD.png]
Thanks for the response, but I'm already using this plugin for evolve. What I'm looking to do is monitor/log the base admin function (Q>Admin>Cleanup Everything). sh_cleanup.lua does not handle/override this function which is named gmod_admin_cleanup.

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