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CSS Servers wont update
Ever since the recent CSS update my CSS servers wont update i tryed putting -verify_all in the update command didnt work i tried reinstalling the server didnt work the eror i get is this


Your server is outofdate Please Update then restart

I also tried putting -nomaster in shortcut target no luck Sad
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i've had the same problem as well as many other issues with the update >_>. i'm hoping they resolve this stuff on the next update otherwise counter strike source will die because of this
You have to use SteamCMD to update your server from now on.
Also, Counter-Strike Source app_id is 240, not 232330.

"How do I run the server after this?" - I have no f**king clue.
Exactly even with those steps you provided it still reports its out of date :/
Neosan can you add me on steam "mikkel2208" ? Then i could help you alot easier Smile

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