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Linux Terminal - How do I minimize the screen so I can close PuTTY.
Hello Fellow Humans Around The World Of Earth!

I'm using my srcds server using PuTTY so its basically a Linux Terminal. Anyway, how do I minimize the SRCDS screen/window so I can close PuTTY from my computer and still have my server running?

When I start a screen I normally give it a name with: screen -S <name here>
eg. "screen -S css"

When I'm done using the screen I press Ctrl+A, D to detach the screen
In order to reconnect to the screen I use: screen -r <name here>
eg. "screen -r css"

In order to close a screen, use Ctrl + D.

- Martin.
Watch the manual page of screen Wink
Jonas E. Smile

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