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Ok well I maybe barkin up the wrong tree as I am new here. My issue is that after they updated the other day I have had the same issues with my servers. I backed up my old servers and decided to reinstall with Steamcmd.Install went through fine as far as i can tell. However I am used to the old way of starting and setting the server up. I can't seem to find any info about after the install regarding running the server and configuration. I am unable to start my server as the install doesn't allow me to modify the shortcut with my start line. I also have found nothing in regarding proper cfg file setup. My servers all ran flawlessly prior to the update. I am running Win server 08. I am using actual 1U servers in my rack and do not play from the same machine. All of my ports are setup and are working fine. I am hosting other game servers currently CSGO and dedicated l4d2 servers. If I simply click the srcds.exe i get nothing and as I stated under properties there is no way to add anything. Im thinking batch file but I currently am at a loss. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. If any further info is required let me know and I will add it.
This will help you update your old css server Smile So your can just start it and it will tell it's opdated Smile

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