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CSS Server Update Problem??
Well i updated the server, it still says server out of date, please update and restart!! i have done it already!! is there going to be a fix for this ?
Yes, same here. Even thou I've updated my Steam game and SRCDS I am not able to join, because "The server you're trying to connect is running an older version of the game."

Unless there is a new way to update your server now and not the HLDS Update Tool anymore.
I'm not sure!! Hope someone reads this and fixes the problem and tells me!!
I have that problem to!
this is BS!!!!!! I want my servers back!!
Brian123, i think steam have maked a new server thing thing I just installed a server with this running dd2 seems to be working just fine... Toungue
i cant install the css server!! it wont work :\
Follow,What It's says It's a bit hard..linux or Windows zz???
Okay open it and type

Make a folder Called "steamcss" male that folder in C: now open SteamCMD

When you have it open Them type

Follow What i type 100% for Windows install

login anonymous

force_install_dir C:\steamcss\

app_update 232330

Should be working now Smile

If not just Tel mé and i Will help you via teamviewer 8 Smile
windows!! and add me on steam "bkuhles109"
ADD mé mikkel2208 ingame name is TheMsaGamer i am ón my iPhone Smile
Yup all the games here "CSS, DODS, HL2DM, CS, CZ, DMC, TFC and Ricochet now using SteamCMD"
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The SteamCMD is a bit harder to install a server with but when it's done it's really fast to do. And the servers is a bit more simple... but alot of the folders are gone. When i am back from school i need to make all my servers over to the new system. Sad Gonna take long time... Toungue
Okay Brian123, i found a way so you only use the SteamCMD to make the update on your old outdate server if you want my help please add me on skype so i can tell you, or you just need to type this and it will automatic update you old outdated server please share if this helped Toungue

This is and example you need to make it look like your folders

force_install_dir C:\serverdoc\wcsserver\css\

app_update 232330

This should fix your old outdated server.


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