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Tracking Down SRCDS Instability
First Post, long time hobbiest HLDS and SRCDS admin. I'm currently doing GMOD 13.

I've hand rolled a program to report stats and automatically restart my 2 SRCDS servers running if they either crash or get so hung up they use 100% CPU for some time without writing to their respective log files.

I'm really struggling to make them stable. I'm not being given enough information to track down the bugs. Sometimes the server will run for days, sometimes it crashes and restarts several times within hours.

As a professional developer, I value crash reports and stack traces, but with SRCDS, I get neither. I get .dmp crash files, but without the source code next to me to guide me and no aid from non-existent symbol files, I'm left chasing a rabbit.

I really want to make my servers playable and fun, but when I glace over at my server console and see them crash-restarting multiple times a day, it leaves me frustrated.

I don't want to see replies of "check your addons!". Why can't I, as an admin, see the build up to the crash cause by the addon? Either way, I've seen this in the 1,000 different combos of admins I have tried. All I see in the console.log file is benign activity before the restarting message of "Fetching Workshop Addons.."

For example, and this is always the same story, diff issue:

-- [04/11/13 19:44:35] MyLampShade [STEAM_0:0:54732654|] spawned scripted entity 'grenade_helicopter'. //Last server event before restarting
-- Fetching Workshop Addons.. //Server has restarted here

Advice? I'm willing to be schooled!


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