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[HELP] TF2 maplist.txt wont register the map i want for startup
I want to start up a custom map i have made for my trade server
i can manualy change it ingame but if it crashes and im not online i want it to start the map i want, ive changed the maplist.txt file to recognise the map i want but still it dosnt want to change, im running the server through and ftp client and the os is linux i have no idea why its not working please help, heres what i have for my map list


yea thats about it

also it seems to want to run cp_gorge as its defualt even though its not in the list
Bump becuase of ergency
Change the startup map to trade_minecraft_montag_v3 then it will start on that map if the server crashes...

if you only like to run that map replace the maps in the maplist & mapcycle to trade_minecraft_montag_v3 and try that
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