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I can't get my server public
Hello, my problem is that the server doesn't work over the Internet.
I will detail as a story that I did all the right steps:

Some days ago, I wanted to create my own server on HL2DM. I started Source Multiplayer Dedicated Server, but it didn't launch, so I googled it and found the solution, I had to download steamcmd.exe. I followed the steamcmd guide in the wiki and finally installed the files needed for the game, with the srcds.exe. I never have problems on that part, I don't get any error in the server console. Also I haven't add any plugin, won't do until I solve my problem.

Then I assigned a static IPv4 and DNS in the adapter config. Later I opened the port 27015 (UDP) with my ipv4. I created a shortcut of srcds.exe and added this line: -console -game hl2mp +maxplayers 16 +map dm_lockdown. I tried adding +ip and +hostport, but nothing (but as I know, those commands aren't needed). I also put sv_lan 0 in server.cfg file.

I had followed those same instructions from many sites, but there's nothing new that could solve my problem.

I had troubles with seeing if my port 27015 was open, from and it was closed.
It wasn't the firewall or any program, I had configured correctly the port in the router. Fortunately, I solved this part by expanding the range of ports (27014-27050 TCP; 4380 UDP; 27000-27030 UDP), so I checked there that 27015 got finally open when the server was on.

Now, I haven't find any solution in all the guides I've found. I want to make clear that I did well the ip part, got the ipv4 static by entering my adapter properties, and the dns too. Also note, that when my public IP changes from time to time, I always check for the new Ip in steam servers and in gameservers trackers.

I thank you a lot, I really want my server to work.
Okey guys, I thought the server wasn't visible because I couldn't see it using my public ip. But I checked with my friends and they told me it's visible even on game info and server list. Thank you anyway Toungue
Hey, I kinda have the same problem as you HAD.
My server is successfully installed on a windows computer and there are no errors on startup.
Command line parameters:
C:\SRCDS\CSS\srcds.exe -game cstrike -console +map gg_lego_arena -maxplayers 20 -port 27015 +clientport 27005

Ports opened:
3478 UDP
4379-4380 UDP
27014-27050 TCP
27000-27030 UDP
27015 TCP/UDP

sv_lan 0
sv_region 255

tv_port 27020

I can join it through the internal/static IP, so can my friend when he is in the same network.
But noone from outside can join it, neither find it on the masters server list.
Can't remember what I could've done wrong.
I've checked around on many forums but can't find the answer.
Would love some help Smile

I am hosting the server from the same computer as I'm trying to join it from.
And btw, when I'm checking on if 27015 is opened it says that it's closed.
Am I Hallucinating?

Dunno if you solved your problem already, but:
Check the windows firewall or any other.
If you have windows xp try disabling completely the firewall since the pc where my server is got this OS, and creating rules just for those ports didn't work.
If you have win7 and have firewall activated, create input and output rules for the srcds ports (or try disabling it)

Also: did you make a static ip address for the server pc?

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