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Strange TF2 Server Error
Server OS: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
Processor: AMD Phenome X6 1055T 2.8Ghz @ 3.2Ghz
Ram: 12GB
Game(s): Team fortress 2
Start Up Command: -console -game tf +map cp_orange_blue-x_fix9 -port 21001 -tickrate 66 -pingboost 3 -fps_max 0 +maxplayers 31
Admin Mods: Sourcemod, Metamod, Tickrate Enabler

I'm running tf2 server and have something strange problem.
equipment (hat, clothes etc) is disappear or floating in the air.

I think, tickrate problem.
My tickrate Setting is 66.
Other servers are running with 33 and equipment is fine.

Does anyone have a problem like me?

(Sorry for poor english skill Sad)
Why don't you try removing the tickrate, pingboost and fps commands. Maybe that is causing the problem and in TF2 tickrate doesn't really matter.
I would agree with taking out some of your options in your startup script. I have seen on many servers, in the past few months, players running around invisible, clothes invisible, etc... It could possibly be an issue with TF2 also.

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