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TF2 Server Crash Question???
Hey Guys,

I own a TF2 Server and well it runs great but it randomly crashes...
But the crash is not in the server a error comes up on my desktop saying stuff about memory???

But weird thing is i run 2 CS:Source servers and they never do that??

Any ideas why the TF2 server does it ?
Some more info would be helpful. But out of the top of my head, you have too little RAM to support running 3 servers. Either buy some more, or remove one CS:S server, or simply don't use a TF2 one at all. But could you clarify on what error you get? Like what does it say exactly. Also are you running windows, 32 or 64 bits? Have you tried running a clean installed server (thus with no plugins at all), etc.
Xp windows 32, i ran just 1 tf2 server once and it happened, no plugins!! and if it happenes on tf2 it should happen on css!! soo yeah and when it happenes again i will post a picture of it!! add me
What is your steam name, then I'll add you. And it doesn't matter that it only crashes on TF2, it crashes there since you ran that server last. Try running it without the other 2 CS:S ones running.

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