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New and questions!
Hello, I am new to the hosting of Srcds for gmod and have a couple of questions. So yeah:

1. If I want to install a mod on my server, lets say this mod for example on my server. Will it work? Or it has to be like server specefic mod. Or its just gonna work for me and it will download automaticly for the player who joins?

2. Can anyone point me to a place where I can learn, I mostly wanna learn how to:
- Change server settings, like max player for example
- How does it works, for example if I want to change music at the end of a TTT round, where is the scripting located
- How can I change maps, and make maps rotations

Thank you for reading and sorry for any wrong section posting, if I did.
Well if you're wanting to install addons check this video: Here
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