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How to check if your server is not on Steam Server List?
Hi Guys,

I have been running 3 servers on a CentOS 64-bit machine for a few years and the servers have been fairly popular. However over the past month one of my servers in particular (Zombie Escape) has dropped in popularity significantly. Because I have all of my servers submitted to GameTracker I see that starting in March the server popularity took a nose dive.

I'm trying to figure out what exactly could have caused this issue and I am a bit stumped. I've checked my iptables firewall and nothing seems out of the ordinary, no error logs or errors connecting to Steam on start up. I can see my server just fine on my server browser in Steam, but I'm curious if other people are having issues. I've also not had any issues with attacks against the server recently so I can't imagine it's due to lag or poor performance (the server is rather beefy).

I've noticed all the people connecting to the server are either those who have favorite the server recently or are friends of those who have. I'm not seeing any new players connecting which I think is odd. Any thoughts on what might do something like that and what I could possibly look into to? Thanks for any help you can give me! I'll be happy to give more details if you need them.

IP in Question:
Game: Counter-Strike: Source
Mods: SourceMod 1.5 and Metamod 1.10
Just speaking out of experience here, people often don't like downloading files, or if it takes long, I would assume ZE uses skins or something which needs downloading, I would suggest investing in a fast download server, and if you already have, then that's not the problem. I would be more than happy to take a quick look to see if it pops up in my server list, I will check in a minute then edit this post.

EDIT: okay, server popped up fine, everything looks good, except what I thought, the massive downloads, it took ages for me even though I have very fast internet. Maybe you should look into lowering the download files. Other than that I'm sorry but have no further ideas.

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