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Help please! TF2 Server Error!
Help! Im getting this server error.

The procedure entry point g_Telemetry could not be located in the dynamic link library tier0.dll.

That is word for word.
I am trying to run a TF2 Server and my Gmod 13 server works fine. I forwarded my ports, all that. I just dont know what to do... Sad Thanks.
This is when you run your startup script to host your server correct?

Sounds like you might have some missing/corrupted files. I would suggest try pulling down the server files again... just in case.
Ok, Ill try that again.
Let us know if you get this resolved, if not may have another solution.
Marcus T.
Managing Director - We're locked, loaded, and ready!
It works! YAAAAAAAAY!Big Grin Thanks for your help!
(04-11-2013, 10:36 AM)Kilster909 Wrote:  It works! YAAAAAAAAY!Big Grin Thanks for your help!

No problem!
A + Rep would be great!

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